I-601 waiver approval for family of seven separated for a year and a half

Much of our work focuses on uniting families in the United States, where even in hard times opportunities abound and those facing poverty can hope for better days to come.Today we received a rare and welcome piece of news — one of our clients was granted an I-601 waiver allowing him to return to the United States without spending ten years abroad as he otherwise would have to.

In May a distraught U.S. citizen came to us after her husband had been denied an immigrant visa. She had gone to a tax preparer for help filling out the paperwork, and her husband went to Ciudad Juarez for his appointment with the U.S. Consulate. Unfortunately, the tax preparer did not know the ins and outs of the immigration laws and when our client was declared ineligible for a visa for ten years the family was completely unprepared for this news. Sadly, this story is far from uncommon because much of the need for low-cost immigration services is met by individuals who lack the training and accountability to provide reliable service.

We are very happy that this hardworking and responsible husband, dad, and stepfather will soon be reunited with his family.


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