Powerful report highlights need for Family Unity Waiver through individual stories

A new report released by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and Alliance for a Just Society picks up where our advocacy efforts left off in June when the public comment period closed on Proposed Rule USCIS-2012-0003. The new report includes the voices of immigrants across the country, including one individual from Reno, NV. You can find the report here: http://fairimmigration.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/promisesreport-final.pdf

Plainly eye-opening, the report called “Promises to Keep” is an excellent primer on the legislative landscape in place today. It summarizes common immigration pitfalls such as the ten-year bar of admission and the long administrative processing times. In this context, it builds a simple and compelling case for implementation of a stateside pre-adjudication process for these waivers. Such a new process would help “resolv[e] the uncertainty that keeps so many immigrants from seeking the permanent residence for which they are eligible.” Approval of the Family Unity Waiver process is not an amnesty; it is a way to smooth the road to legalization for many currently eligible applicants.

Keep this report in mind as we await a Final Rule from USCIS. Although immigration advocates across the country were heartened to hear that changes were finally on the way, many were disappointed at how narrowly the new process would reach. By keeping the conversation going now, we increase the likelihood that the finished product will be as just and expansive as possible.


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One response to “Powerful report highlights need for Family Unity Waiver through individual stories

  1. harrison osagie

    this is the best thing to do, for this country many immigrant work too hard in this country to take care of thier family

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