BREAKING: USCIS unveils final rule on I-601A provisional waiver process

Earlier today USCIS announced that it will publish a final rule tomorrow (03.Jan.2013) detailing the new provisional waiver process. We provided some preliminary information about this proposal earlier this year during other coverage of the I-601A provisional waiver. A pre-release version of the rule is available here.

We will continue to monitor this exciting development as new details emerge. USCIS will likely be holding informational conference calls in the coming weeks.



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5 responses to “BREAKING: USCIS unveils final rule on I-601A provisional waiver process

  1. LosNTime

    It is all bull; this is not designed to help any applicant that has waited years and decades it is only designed for newer applicants that only just reached the interview schedule stage after January 3rd 2013. So thousands of sad people waiting their entire lives are disqualified and only newer applicants can qualify… It is disgusting how people’s souls are destroyed by this system that is purely designed to extract fees and give nothing in return than a long cruel hopeless never ending wait.

  2. Fausto Ortiz

    my name is Fausto Ortiz and i am in the US ilegal since 1995 and i never when back to my country Ecuador, i am married to to my wife US citizen since 2008 my question is: i have three arrest and i apply for the waiver, how i can find out all my records, before i live the country, for my visa, please help me.

    • Fausto,

      You should contact a CLINIC affiliate in the area where you live. Our information and that of dozens of other accredited, non-profit immigration services organizations can be found at

      With regard to your question: the number of arrests you have is not as important as the number of convictions you have and what those crimes are. If you have convictions that lead to crime-based inadmissibility this new I-601A process is not open to you. For this reason you should consult with an experienced immigration practitioner.

    • Juan Moraga

      you should go to the court Clerk office where your case was and ask for your final court disposition letter. it’s like 10 Dollars per case.

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