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Americorps VISTA opportunities

We are proud to announce that our Immigration Assistance Program has been approved for up to three VISTA volunteers through the federal Americorps program. We are accepting applications for these positions through July 14.

VISTAs are paid a stipend for a year of community service. At the end, they emerge from a highly respected program with a year’s worth of intensive service under their belts and the option to take a $1,500 cash award or a $5,550 education award.

The three positions available will all help launch our Legalization and Empowerment Assistance Program for Students (LEAPS), which works with public schools to identify and assist talented undocumented youth in Washoe County and guide them toward lawful immigration status wherever possible.

The three positions are for the LEAPS Outreach Coordinator, LEAPS Program Coordinator, and LEAPS Volunteer Coordinator. Please follow the embedded links for information and to apply!


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